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Storage Tuning & Management

XIOSS delivers valuable insight to its customers by leveraging its XIOSS IQ Platform. Without truly knowing exactly your data set profile, it would be a "best guess" set of information to work from. Given today's exploding data volumes, highly distributed workforce and the increasing employee usage of tablets, smartphones outside of IT control, "best guess" approaches lead to average solutions at best. XIOSS believes in using actual data to create a solid strategic action plan for how to effectively manage data today and for the future.

Our engineers run agentless scripts in your environment to identify capacity usage, utilization rates, over provisioning, under provisioning, actual performance versus required performance and several other metrics. With this data at hand, we collaborate with your team to determine if anything could be tuned, implemented, re-purposed in order to reduce spending while gaining efficiencies. We combine this with "big picture" thinking to design a storage configuration that meets the requirements of the business.

Initial Discovery is to provide you an up-to-date picture of your exisiting storage infrastructure, including arrays, switches and hosts.

We generate reports that show:

  • Inventory of Arrays, Switches, and attached hosts and which location they reside at
  • Capacity Summary - Raw, Provisioned, Unprovisioned, Utilization Rates, Space that can be reclaimed, primary, snapshot, replicated, and mirrored

With this information we determine what needs to be tuned for maximum optimization and performance.


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XIOSS Data Services

  • Data Storage Assessment
  • Data Management Strategy
  • Data Migration
  • Data Consolidation
  • Storage Tuning & Management
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Storage Consulting


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