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Data Replication & Disaster Recovery (DR)

Imagine that your site was destroyed by fire or explosion. If all you had were backup tapes or even online data stored in an online backup vault, it would take weeks if not months to reproduce your existing infrastructure whereby users would be able to access corporate applications and data. Having data in a proprietary backup set makes it difficult to rapidly recover even a single server.

Backup solutions, whether new breed cloud backup, or traditional tape and disk-based, on-premises solutions, are inherently limited in the level of recovery options they provide.

Backup solutions allow you to find the file or image, mount it, and copy data back to a server. If you experienced a server hardware failure, you first have to acquire new hardware, and rebuild it from the operating system on up. The time needed to address this issue can result in loss of access critical applications needed to complete day to day operations of the business.

XIOSS can show you how to create an efficient and cost effective DR solution whereby you do not have to spend money for a redundant production environment and still have site failover within hours, not days or weeks. It comes down to prioritizing mission critical applications for rapid recovery and an active archive system for all inactive data. XIOSS will partner with you to create the best solution so that your business can operate without interruption.

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